Thank you for your interest. This particular viewing facility is no longer open but please contact to discuss how we can support your qualitative research needs.

AV & IT Facilities

We have the most up-to-date technical equipment, so that we can play stimulus material in the way that best suits your needs, get recordings or transcripts to you as fast and safely as possible, and let clients watch the research almost anywhere in the world.

Permanently installed technical equipment
FocusVision™ video streaming – see below for more information on this service
Wireless internet connection
42" Plasma screen TVs for laptop presentations / DVD visual playback
CD audio playback equipment
MP3 and DVD

Optional AV/ IT facilities
Projector for laptop presentations
Colour printer and photocopier
Simultaneous translation

Support Services
Dedicated Studio Co-ordinator
Technical support
Transcriptions of sessions
Note takers
Flip chart & Stationery
Office Support: fax, photocopying, taxis, & couriers

The Treehouse is a member of Focus Vision™

Focus Vision Video Streaming™ enables users you to view live focus groups/interviews from your office, home, or anywhere with internet access. Research projects can be viewed across an organization, live or on-demand. Its unique Backroom chat function also allows all remote viewers to communicate while watching the research.

Focus Vision™ offers premier quality video streaming at two levels:

Live video streaming of your focus groups/interviews is viewable from wherever you and your colleagues have an internet connection. One-year online archive and video marking software included. With a fixed camera view, this solution is designed for one-on-one interviews.

VideoStreaming Plus
This additional level of service includes a moving camera and onsite technician for close-ups & full group views network-wide. Recommended for full focus groups. A higher quality streaming option that is recommended for Video Streaming Plus groups, clients viewing in a conference room, clients who create video clips for presentations and one-on-one interviews that use printed concepts and test advertising materials.

Both levels of Video Streaming come with unlimited viewer access to a live stream and one year online archive and Video Marker editing and analysis software.

For Video Streaming reservations please contact Focus Vision™ directly on:
e: /
t: + 1 (800) 433 8128 / + 44 (0)1892 521075